Mellady Direct Marketing Success Stories - Issue #1 - June 2008

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Welcome to the first issue of Mellady Direct Marketing Success Stories!

The goal of our newsletter is to highlight some of the compelling stories of successful marketing initiatives Mellady Direct Marketing has created and executed on behalf of our clients. Every few weeks you'll receive a new issue that highlights our unique accomplishments achieved through strategic branding and marketing communications. Whether employing direct mail, print and online advertising, or public relations, we provide proven results that surpass our clients' expectations.

Our stories will not only provide insights about our unique capabilities, but also will hopefully spark your imagination about new opportunities for business building that Mellady Direct Marketing can bring to your next marketing campaign.

If you have feedback for us, or questions on something you've seen here, give us a call. I can always be reached directly at (661) 298-9190.

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Snow Orthodonics Targeted Direct Mail

Why is our client smiling?

There is no denying the potential of direct mail to reach customers and generate a response. The ability to segment your target market, reach them with a powerful message, and track results make direct mail one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. But it has to be done right.

We saw a clear example of that recently with one of our strongest clients, Snow Orthodontics. Dr. Gilbert Snow serves the Antelope, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando valleys with seven locations.

Dr. Snow asked Mellady Direct Marketing to create, print, and mail post cards twice a year. For the last three years we developed a targeted mailing list for each service area, designed attention-getting pieces, and delivered results. Each mailing produced a strong, measurable response and all of Dr. Snow's offices experienced a surge in business as a result.

Last year, Dr. Snow was solicited by a direct mail consultant who promised he could do more. After hearing numbers too big to ignore, Dr. Snow hired the consultant to prepare a mail campaign for the Santa Clarita Valley, but he asked Mellady to continue our efforts in the Antelope and San Fernando Valleys. This provided a unique opportunity for a test case, and we were confident what it would show.

The consultant designed a new card, selected a different target audience from what we had used, and changed the date of the mailing. We continued doing what we knew would yield proven results for Dr. Snow. The response to the different mailings confirmed what we suspected. But even we were surprised at how dramatically different the results were.

There was no response to the consultant's mailing. Dr. Snow could not attribute any new clients, consultations or even a single phone call to the work done by the consultant.

Meanwhile, our mailing in the Antelope Valley generated a return of over 2,300% on the cost of the mailing as recipients responded to the offer and chose Dr. Snow as their orthodontist.

Careful timing, a skillfully targeted mailing list and a compelling message and offer are critical components needed for direct marketing success. At Mellady Direct Marketing, we are experts at delivering that success!

Consider Polybagging!

Improved brand recognition, lower postage costs, and design flexibility are three distinct advantages the QuickWrap™ polybag wrapping system offers.

Polybagging is ideal for applications that call for several components to be mailed together, such as magazines, mailing publications, brochures, catalogs, books, product literature, annual reports and more.

Unlike envelopes, the polybag is clear, which allows recipients to see the enclosed materials. When people recognize something, they are more likely to open it and read it.

The poly wrap material is much less expensive than paper envelopes and also much lighter, which may reduce postage costs. And, unlike envelopes that have been purchased to accommodate exact specifications determined during the planning stages of a job, polybagging allows customers to easily make changes to a project midstream if necessary.

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