In today’s business world, branding is more important than ever before.

Your company’s colors, logo, or tagline could actually be hurting your business if not accurately portraying your company while appealing to your target market. For example, do you know if your colors are deterring consumers from your company?  Are you trying to attract the younger generations to your business but having no luck?  Have you ever updated your brand?

Each color has a different meaning associated with it which is known as the Psychology of Colors.  So while some colors may create a sense of calming, others evoke a sense of urgency.

  • Red creates a sense of urgency and stimulates the body
  • Purple is frequently thought to bring wisdom and respect.
  • Blue brings about a feeling of tranquility, reliability, and productivity
  • Green evokes a calming, natural, stress free feeling.
  • Orange and Yellow both bring energy and excitement while also triggering a sense of caution.
  • Black is bold, authoritative, and strong, but can also be perceived as overwhelming and daunting if used to heavily.
  • Grey tends to symbolize solidarity, but it can also be perceived as lackluster and not creative.
  • White evokes a clean, fresh, and safe feeling and is also used to evoke creativity by being a blank space.

High energy colors such as yellow, red, and orange tend to appeal to children and draw them in, while blue appeals more conservatively and to a broader audience.  Purple is typically used to attract an older audience, and green is used to promote peace and tranquility among all people.

The combination of colors that you use has the ability to attract or deter different groups from your brand before a word is spoke, an email is sent, or a meeting is scheduled.   So what are your colors saying about your brand?

Our graphic designer will work with you to design a brand that accurately represents you and your business while appealing to your target audience. We will make sure that every detail is curated to you, your preferences, and your clientele.

The experts at Mellady Direct understand the evolving marketing world and will hold your hand as we take your business into the 2020s. Give us a call at 661-298-9190 to begin your brand update today.