Case Studies

State-of-the-art equipment paired with graphic design expertise and the best prices means a quality print job for your business.

Non-profit Fundraising

Non-profit organizations rely on the help, kindness, and donations of others to allow them to continue their mission. We have drastically improved donation appeals for various non-profit organizations throughout the nation, and we want to help you help others.

Financial Mailers

If people are not aware of the services you offer and how you can help them save and manage thier money while planning for thier future, they won’t be calling you. Let us get help you get your message heard and your phones ringing with new clients.

Educational Mailing

Whether you need to send out a postcard to advertise the upcoming registration period, or you need a monthly newsletter updating your community on what is new at the school, Mellady Direct Marketing is here to help.

Seminar Simplicity

You host the seminar – You get new clients – We do the rest! From learning about your product or service, to curating a targeted mailing list, and designing an imapctful mailer Mellady Direct Markeitng will be your partner in growing your seminars and your client base!

Case Studies
  • Customization
  • Problem Solving
  • Fast Turn around
$4,500 in Postage Savings
  • Saved $.50 per envelope mailed by presorting and processing for postal discounts.
Two-Day Turnaround on Three-piece Mailing
    • Artwork for mailing envelope, personalized letters, and reply cards made print-ready and printed within 24 hours of approval. Letters folded and inserted with reply cards into addressed envelopes, postage adhered, sealed, sorted and mailed the next day.
Five Segments One Variable Data Mailing of 132,000
      • Compiled complicated mailing list, segmented by target markets. Printed self-mailers with variable data and images by market segment.