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Combine your direct mail with digital advertising for maximum impact with Mellady’s Direct Mail Digital Boost! Our proven strategies have significantly increased enrollment for school districts, and we’re ready to share our secrets with you. Direct Mail Digital Boost combines targeted mailing with precision digital advertising, ensuring your message reaches families looking to enroll their children.


Direct Mail Digital Boost is an online enhancement designed to track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while increasing results through the integration of digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Informed Delivery. Your campaign will be seen anywhere from 8-16 times!
Direct Mail Digital Boost offers 7 technologies that are timed and delivered strategically to drive maximum exposure and engagements to your direct mail campaign. Track your results in real time in our easy-to-use dashboard to see analytics and the overall success of your campaign. These technologies include:

  • SocialMatch: Begin delivering ads on Facebook and Instagram to your mailing list before your mail is delivered
  • Mail Tracking: Track and record exactly when your mailing will be arriving in mailboxes on a per piece level
  • Informed Delivery: Your mail piece is accompanied by a full color, clickable ad within the grayscale preview sent by the USPS
  • Call Tracking: Real time updates and recordings of every single call you’ve received as a result of your mailing
  • Online Follow-Up: After leaving your website, prospects will see your ads throughout the Google Display Network, driving them back to your website
  • Social Media Follow-Up: Continue the touch points of your ads by displaying them on Facebook and Instagram feeds
  • LEADMatch: Track and record anonymous website visitors as a result of your mailing AND mail to website visitors who came not as a result of your mailing

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