Whether you need to develop, refine, or redefine your brand, we are ready to help.

Mellady Direct offers exceptional marketing services for your brand. As a specialized firm, we provide our clients with direct mail marketing services, copywriting, graphic designing, public relations, photography and much more.

With a wealth of experience and skills, Mellady Direct is well positioned to develop and handle full-scale direct mail marketing campaigns.

With years of experience in design, printing, and mailing, we are equipped to handle a full-scale direct mail marketing campaign of any size. Whether you need a large-quantity mailed out, a one-piece one-time mailer, an ongoing mailing sent out on various dates, or a mix of all of these, we can make sure you reach your audience on time and with quality products.
Successful marketing calls for strategy, and it’s something at which Mellady Direct excels. Whether you are in need of a marketing strategy for your business’ latest promotion or a company-wide plan, we can help you identify your needs, develop a plan of attack and help implement strategies for your success.
As an all-inclusive marketing firm, many of our clients take advantage of our creative and design services. By choosing Mellady Direct to oversee your creative development, you can ensure consistency in branding to clearly communicate your message. Our clients also find keeping everything under one roof to be a cost-effective and time efficient approach to investing their marketing dollars. Our work spans years of experience in both print and digital strategy, development and design, defined by fresh perspectives all focused on your success.
Design elements can make or break a marketing campaign. That’s why Mellady Direct’s in-house designers continue to produce attractive, high-quality designs that embody who you are and promote you in an impactful way. From updating logos to developing full websites and creating campaign design work, we are ready to help you make a great and lasting impression.
There is an art to good public relations, and it is an art at which Mellady Direct excels. With years of journalism experience and deep community ties, our team is skilled in creating and promoting public relations materials and messaging that helps strengthen your company’s voice, extend your reach, and promote your brand. Whether working with public agencies and political campaigns, or private businesses and standout professionals, we are devoted to shining a bright spotlight on you.

Because we bring such a wealth of experience and skill to the table, Mellady Direct is uniquely positioned to develop and implement full campaigns that bring a return on your investment. We have helped businesses launch new and exciting marketing efforts, aided nonprofit organizations in conceptualizing and implementing successful fundraising campaigns, provided politicians with vision and strategy for their pursuit of office, and much more.

  • Email Campaigns
    A well-developed email marketing campaign provides a great avenue of connection between you and your existing or potential clients.

  • Digital Campaigns
    Social media can be your biggest ally when it comes to reaching your audience, but you want to make sure that your posts accurately represent your brand. Mellady Direct’s creative team specializes in creating impactful posts that will direct clients and prospects to your website.

  • Nonprofit Appeals
    There is an art and science to a successful nonprofit appeal campaign, and Mellady Direct understands what it takes. We are ready to help you make a mark for good, whether your campaign calls for a simple letter mailing with a response card, or a full campaign including a letter mailing, web and email components, and social media advertising and engagement.

  • Direct Mail Campaigns
    Direct mail continues to still, dollar for dollar, be the best use of marketing money. At Mellady Direct, we specialize in making sure your money is being used wisely and bringing you the return you have been searching for.

  • Mixed Campaings
    These campaigns utilize a mix of both direct mail campaigns and digital campaigns to reach your audience on platforms and reaffirm your brand, product, or service in various mediums of marketing. This is our most impactful campaign.

A picture is worth a thousand words and great photos make a world of difference. With our vast experience in event, product, editorial, commercial and portrait photography, Mellady Direct can provide images that evoke emotion, leave an impact and offer marketing appeal. If there’s a specific type of image needed for your marketing- we will find it.


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