Postage artAs a consumer, sometimes it may seem that if there’s one constant about the U.S. Postal Service it’s that postage rates keep changing. The truth is, yes, there are constant changes to bulk mail postage rates, but it doesn’t need to be confusing.

In fact, if you’re sending out frequent direct mail marketing pieces, there are some simple ways that you can ensure you’re not overspending on postage.

Quantity Matters: The minimum quantities to qualify for bulk mail postage are 500 pieces for first-class mail and 200 pieces for marketing (formerly standard) postage. Anything below that means having to use a full-rate stamp. For example, the discounted letter rate for first-class bulk mail can be as low as 37 cents per piece, and as low as 22 cents for marketing mail.

However, keep in mind that the standard U.S. delivery turnaround time for marketing rate postage is about 8-10 days. If your mail piece needs to arrive on a deadline, consider first-class postage.

Are You a Nonprofit? The savings can go even deeper if you are a registered nonprofit organization with a USPS nonprofit mailing permit. The bulk mail letter rate for nonprofit pieces can go as low as 10 cents per piece, so it’s clear to see how those savings can really add up. If you’re not sure if you have a nonprofit mailing permit, or need help setting it up, Mellady Direct can guide you through the process.

A Clean List: Not only is a clean mailing list a major key to success with your direct mail marketing, it’s also crucial to preventing you from wasting money on postage. By processing every mailing list to factor in National Change of Address records and remove any undeliverable files, an experienced mailing professional such as Mellady Direct is able to ensure you aren’t spending any more than you need to on postage.

Direct mail continues to be a smart investment for marketing, and by paying attention to the postage details, you can ensure you’re not going over budget.