Seminar Simplicity from Mellady Direct Marketing takes the hassle out of seminar marketing. Shown: An invitation to a dinner workshop hosted by Total Financial Solutions Inc.

We’ve worked with many businesses over the years that thrive best when they are able to connect in person with a live audience to explain how their products and services benefit their clients. Often, they are professionals in financial services and retirement planning — offering products and services that are best explained in person, in a format that encourages questions and answers.

These professionals know their products, and they know how they can benefit their clients. Explaining those things, face to face, is what they do best. For them, seminars work extremely well. They are at home in front of an audience of prospects.

But actually wrangling that audience together? Creating a targeted list, designing and mailing printed invitations, and managing the reservations for the seminars? For these professionals, that’s a hassle.

Fortunately, they can take advantage of Mellady Direct Marketing’s Seminar Simplicity (, a service we’ve created to help seminar-driven businesses seamlessly market to their target audiences and pack the house for their seminars. The client provides us the date, time and location of the seminar, along with any information about meals being provided, etc., and we do the rest, from list acquisition to design, print and mail, to keeping track of reservations.

Here are four ways Mellady Direct’s Seminar Simplicity helps our clients take the hassle out of hosting an informational seminar for prospects:

  • With Seminar Simplicity, you can focus on doing what you do best, while Mellady Direct takes care of the marketing and reservation management.

    List Acquisition: Our expert direct mail team is experienced at precisely targeting lists based on a variety of geographic and demographic factors, ensuring that the client’s seminar not only has a full house, but also that it’s packed with the right audience to hear our client’s message.

  • Professional Design and Copywriting: Let’s face it – if you’re a financial services expert, you’re probably not spending a lot of time creating engaging graphic designs and sizzling sales copy. Everyone has their skill set. We use ours, so you can focus on yours.
  • Efficient Printing and Mailing: We know how to craft a direct mail piece that delivers your message professionally, without breaking the bank. Factors ranging from paper selection to the size of the mail piece can have a significant impact on the cost of mailing, and our team has more than three decades of experience in creating mail pieces that are cost-effective vehicles for your message.
  • Reservation Tracking and Followup: Do you really want your office staff to be tied up taking reservations on the phone and asking the question, “Beef or chicken?” Of course not. We deploy a professional reservation management system in which phone operators take reservations and log them into an online tracking program so we can track the seminar’s bookings and capture information on prospects for our client. The system includes followup phone calls to remind the participants when the seminar approaches, which helps reduce no-shows.

It all adds up to less hassle for you, so you can focus on what you do best. We handle the direct marketing to bring you the audience, and you deliver your message to them in person, showing them how your services can benefit their lives. The key? It’s simple!

Let Mellady Direct bring simplicity to your next seminar! Visit or call us at (661) 298-9190 today to get started.