As 2015 draws to a close and we prepare to take on whatever challenges 2016 may bring, we’ve been looking back at some of our topics of discussion in 2015, and some of them jump off the page as if to shout, “I’m relevant for 2016, too!”

Thus was born the following list, Mellady Direct Marketing’s “Top 10 Things to Remember About Marketing in 2016”:

  1. Content Is King: Make this an overriding consideration, whether you are creating a direct mail piece, writing a blog post, adding to your social media account or updating your website. If you provide your audience with a compelling human interest story and/or valuable content — information that improves their lives, their businesses, their chances of success — then everything else, from SEO to building your following, should fall into place.
  2. Direct Mail Is Alive and Well: There’s a segment of the business community that wants to declare all things “print” dead, including direct mail. It’s just simply not true. Direct mail in particular is alive and well, and printed mail pieces are resonating with a variety of audience segments, both expected (baby boomers) and unexpected (millennials).
  3. Quality Matters: Got a great design but your print piece reflects shoddy materials or workmanship? Got a terrific-looking website but there are typos all over the place, or it won’t load quickly enough? Old-fashioned values like attention to detail and producing a quality product, whether it’s a widget or a postcard, never go out of style.
  4. Stay Social: Social media is not a fad. It’s an integral part of our daily lives. Its staying power is being proven before our eyes, and increasingly people are using social media to help them make purchasing decisions. Businesses should expect pay-per-click and social media advertising to become, and remain, a staple in their marketing tool kits.
  5. Mobile Moves the Needle: Whether it’s social media, an app or a “traditional” website, online users are increasingly seeing you through their mobile device rather than their desktop computer. Whatever your digital footprint is, it needs to be compliant and responsive across all platforms, from the desktop to the tablet to the smartphone. (And whatever is coming out next!)
  6. Nonprofits Can Overcome: We see it all the time at Mellady Direct Marketing — nonprofit organizations have a tough hill to climb when it comes to fundraising, and doing so in a cost-effective way. Fortunately, we know just how to help nonprofits save money on printing and postage, and to deliver their message in a compelling way that will inspire donors.
  7. Postage Pros Can Help You: These days, if you tell someone you can save them a few pennies, they’re not likely to be impressed. But if you tell someone you can save them a few pennies per object, multiplied times tens of thousands of objects — well, those savings start to become significant. This is illustrated every day in the direct mail business, where we are able to help customers navigate the intricacies of postal requirements, mail piece sizes and postage rates. A few thousand pennies here and there really add up!
  8. Great Offers Work: Here’s another old-fashioned tip that isn’t going anywhere, and remains as relevant in 2016 as it ever has been: Give your customers an offer they can easily refuse, and they will refuse it. Make them an offer that’s too good to pass up, and they’ll beat your door down. Offering 10 cents off on a new car won’t inspire anyone.
  9. Many Eggs, Many Baskets: There are so many ways to reach audiences now, it’s almost impossible to get by with just one. Putting all your advertising eggs into the print media basket? Then you are ignoring the benefits of direct mail, social media, pay per click, email marketing, and more. Not every tool is right for every job, but now more than ever, a strong marketing plan integrates multiple tools working together.
  10. Be Open to Change: If there’s one thing we can predict with certainty, it’s that change will continue, in business, in marketing and life in general. Embrace it!

We wish you all a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2016. Happy New Year!

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