In our modern multimedia environment, most people naturally think of online tools when they think of their marketing strategy. Clearly, online marketing is a big part of the mix with strategies like display advertising with banners on website, e-newsletters, search engine advertising and social media advertising. But there are some “legacy” media tools, such as direct mail, that must remain part of the mix, too.

Direct mail marketing remains one of the most effective methods of advertising, whether reaching out to potential new customers or communicating with existing ones. At Mellady Direct Marketing, we advocate that our clients pursue a healthy media mix that includes not only the newest tools, but also some of the tried and true ones, too.

Here are our “7 Reasons Why Direct Mail Works,” even in a marketing environment that emphasizes “new” media:

Direct Mail is Tangible
Think of your email inbox. How easy is it to just hit “delete” and get rid of the clutter? On the other hand, when you receive a piece of direct mail, it’s a tangible object in your hand. Even if you don’t intend to keep it, you will look at it longer than if you were just clearing out your inbox.

It’s Targeted
Interested in mailing to parents who have children within a certain age bracket who live within a certain ZIP code and have a minimum level of income? We’ve got you covered. Direct mail is immensely targetable, enabling you to take a shotgun approach to reach a wide audience or a rifle approach to reach a more specific one.

It’s Simple
Executing a direct mail campaign may sound difficult, but it’s what we do every day — so executing your direct mail campaign is a snap. Our direct marketing team can create your mailed piece with copywriting and design that will grab your audience’s attention. We’ll make sure your piece is hitting the right audience through your own mailing list or a targeted list we provide. We do the printing, addressing and delivering them to the  post office (on schedule). This leaves you free to do what you do best: run your business.

It’s Measurable
Direct mail gets results, and measuring them is as easy as counting the responses to an offer or calls to a specific phone number. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail’s existing customer response rate is 3.4 percent, compared to 0.12 percent for email.