Do you have a vision for your nonprofit organization but need help getting there?  Mellady Direct Marketing is the resource you need to turn your vision to a reality.

We can help you create an entire campaign to market your product, attract new business, or even solicit donations for your non-profit.  From the initial meeting, to the final product, we will make sure every detail is handled.

That is why the non-profit organization, The Midnight Mission called Mellady Direct to increase their donor database.  We helped them update their brand while still following the guidelines set forth by their foundation.

Their vision was to send out a number of various mailings over a period of 12 months.  We then created a timeline for each of these mailings that included every detail of the process.  This allowed The Midnight Mission to be informed on the process the entire time and allowed them to know what to expect and when.

The first mailing that we sent out was an appeal for donations back in September.  This included a personalized letter to every recipient with a first hand story about a person who benefitted from the help that The Midnight Mission provided.

At Mellady Direct, we are able to customize every aspect of your marketing to get you the outcome you are hoping for.  Every name, address, and photo can be personalized on each piece you send out to give your campaign the personal touch it deserves.

After the first mailing, The Midnight Mission received such an enthusiastic response from their patrons, that they asked the team at Mellady Direct to continue with their mailings.  Since then, we have sent out a number of different personalized appeals, Thanksgiving cards, holiday letters, newsletters, and we have even been trusted with organizing their upcoming campaign from start to finish.

Put your trust in the team at Mellady Direct, and call us today at 661-298-9190 to see what a difference we can make in your business.