What if we told you that we could not only deliver your direct mail piece to the recipient’s physical mail box, but also put the same mail piece into their digital inbox, on their phones, tablets and computers?

Thanks to a game-changing new feature from the U.S. Postal Service, we can do just that — giving you more impressions from every mail piece, and maximizing the impact of every piece that’s sent.

It’s called “Informed Delivery,” and it gives mail recipients an opportunity to view a digital “sneak peek” of their inbound mail before they even go to the mailbox. This new feature offers many uses, enabling mail consumers to track expected mail and packages, and also to catch a preview of everything from incoming bills to greeting cards and, most importantly for you, your marketing message.

It’s free for mail recipients to sign up, and its use is growing rapidly. In just one year, approximately 7 million people have opted in.

Informed Delivery works anywhere that a consumer has an Internet connection, whether it’s on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Once a consumer has signed up for Informed Delivery, they’ll receive notifications of incoming mail, including preview images of the mail that are generated by Postal Service processing equipment.

In other words, you can see what’s going to be in your mailbox, before you even get to the mailbox. Waiting for that fat tax refund check? Wondering if Grandma remembered your birthday? Looking for a great deal on a weekend shopping trip? With Informed Delivery, consumers can solve those mysteries from anywhere, even before physically going to the mail box.

What does this mean to you, as a direct mail marketing client? It means you can “create once and connect everywhere,” with direct mail pieces not only having the impact of physical delivery but also gaining the impact of advance digital delivery. Your recipients can interact with your mail piece before they have even received it physically. Imagine a direct mail piece that prompts recipients to go to your landing page on the web — right from their phones, without even having touched the physical mail piece yet.

As we all know, repetition is a key factor in marketing, and Informed Delivery helps in that regard, too. When an Informed Delivery recipient sees your physical mail piece in their mail box at home, it’s already the second time they have seen your message. It’s a tremendous opportunity to engage with your target audience and reinforce your messaging.

Like we said, this is a game changer. It truly integrates your direct mail and digital marketing in a new, powerful, engaging way. And at Mellady Direct Marketing, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients take full advantage of this new use of technology to help deliver your message on target, and not only on time, but ahead of time.

Let Mellady Direct maximize your campaign’s impact through Informed Delivery. Call us at (661) 298-9190 today to get started.