We have all heard the saying “New Year, New Me” but what about “New Year, New Marketing”?

At Mellady Direct, we specialize not only in marketing your company and products digitally, but we are also a full service print shop, and even in 2020 people still like paper!

As the new year begins and we leap in to a new decade, we thought it would be a good time to say thank you to our clients who have been with us over the years, welcome to our new customers, and remind everyone of where Mellady Direct Marketing came from and all that we can do.

Mellady Direct has been a family owned business since 1986.  Over the years we have seen both our family and business grow.  We started working out of our home and making numerous trips to the post office each day, and now, we currently have a 3,000 square foot print shop and warehouse, more than a dozen employees, and hundreds of clients who are like family to us.

Today our shop has the ability to print, finish, and mail over 245,000 pieces a day.  We can do everything from 5 x 7 postcards to full product booklets and brochures. Our shop has grown – and continues to grow – to meet your needs and be your exclusive print and mail provider.

We recently added a new booklet maker that allows us to create booklets from as few as 8 pages to as many as hundreds of pages and we can make those booklets stapled or perfect bound. They can be a self mailer, or we offer envelope printing and poly-bag which is the clear plastic wrap and its automation compatible to make sure that you will get the lowest postage with USPS.

So do you have a new product line catalog or manual that you need to get out?  Our new booklet machine along with our xerox digital printing machines can take your design from the computer to customer hands quickly and efficiently.

With our state-of-the-art machines, we are able to produce high quality products quickly which allows us to offer them to you at a price point competitive with the larger, less personal print companies

When you choose Mellady Direct, you get an expert team that will walk you through every step of the marketing process.  From designing the material to fit your brand, to processing data to ensure that the material reaches your target audience, our team will make sure that each and every one of your questions is answered and that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process.

We have found that our customers want a personal touch and we want to provide a transparent and engaged process for our customers so at the end of the day when that postcard hits a client’s mailbox you know that it is an accurate, quality product that reflects positively on your business and what you do.

We welcome you to come by the shop any day to see the Off-Set Printer putting out thousands of pieces of mail an hour and those same pieces being folded, scored, addressed, tabbed, stamped and sent out to the post office all in a matter of hours from start to finish.

Printing, mailing, and marketing are our heart and soul.  We create meaningful and impactful campaigns and with over 30 years’ experience and state of the art machines, we are confident that we can help you take your business to the next level.  Visit us at www.melladydirect.com to see more of what we can do read what our clients have to say about us!