When meeting a new client, what is the easiest thing to hand out to them?  A business card.

But does your business card include all necessary information in a way that will make the client remember your business or even your meeting?

Business cards are an extremely important part of your business, and they say a lot about your company.  They represent your brand and give the client the first impression of what they can expect from both you and your company.

If you business card is different, and stands out to the client, they are much more inclined to take a closer look at it, hold onto it, and call you when they are in need of your service.  If your business card is impressive, you are already starting your meeting off on the right foot.

But how do you make your business card stand out?  Texture and color are two of the main ways to make your business card memorable.

At Mellady Direct, we can print your business card on a silk paper that gives it a soft feeling in your hand, or a hard plastic card to make it feel like a credit card.  We can even create metal cards like those of the American Express platinum card for you to pass out to your platinum clients.

A trend that we are seeing become increasing popular is a business card on a silk paper with a raised spot UV and a soft touch feel.  This means that the card itself will feel soft with specific parts of the card having a raised shiny coating.

A unique business card is sure to be something that will improve your first impression and can also create a great way to start a conversation.  Call the experts at Mellady Direct today to give your business the business cards it deserves.