We are going to be launching a new blog series to show the products that Mellady Direct specializes in and just some of what we can do to improve your business.  The first project that we are highlighting is the Scorpion SOIM Book.

Our Business Development Manager, Stephanie Mellady, has spent weeks planning, organizing, and developing the newest campaign for Scorpion, a digital marketing, branding, and technology company based out of Valencia.

We are sending out customized books and personalized, handwritten postcards to businesses and professionals that Scorpion is looking to add to their clientele.  This process has entailed coordinating the handwriting of thousands of personalized, branded postcards, printing books, carefully inserting both the book and personalized card into padded envelopes, and mailing them out to ensure that they are received on an exact day requested by the Scorpion team.

This project is being done in multiple phases with mailings being sent out on numerous days.  It takes careful planning, extreme attention to detail, and flawless organization skills – all of which Stephanie and the entire Mellady team have mastered.

Through constant communication, Stephanie has been able to keep the team at Scorpion updated on the project status and at ease as they launch their new brand, while also attracting new clientele.

When you work with Mellady Direct Marketing, you get a quality product for the price of a larger discount agency, but with the personal touch that is unique to Mellady Direct.  When you work with our team, you become a part of our team.  Your account representative is dedicated to you and your project.

Stephanie said “We are honored that one of the largest digital marketing companies in Southern California has trusted us to handle all of their printing and mailing.  We are thrilled to be a partner for Scorpion and look forward to growing their business for years to come”.

The team at Scorpion feels the same way. “Working with Mellady Direct was one of the smartest decisions we have ever made.  They are a reliable team of professionals that we know we can count on to represent our brand and an excellent partner in expanding our business.” – Jordan Hartman, Corporate Marketing, Scorpion.

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