Are you sending out thousands of mail pieces and not getting the return you want?  Chances are you are not correctly targeting the recipients of your mailers.

At Mellady Direct, we have the knowledge and capability to target the exact audience you are looking to market to.  We have built relationships with vendors to obtain the proper mail list for the audience most likely to utilize the product you are selling or the service you are offering.

Are you a real estate agent looking for buyers?  We can send your postcard to home owners in a particular age group, in a specific area, that make a certain income each year.

Are you a restaurant wanting to increase your sales?  We can send your menu to homes within a specified mile radius of your business to draw them in.

For school districts looking to increase their enrollment, we can market to households that have children between a certain age.

And, if you have already created a list that you would like to send mailers to, we can utilize your list, ensure that there are no duplicates, cross check it with the National Change of Address list (NCOA), and format it so that the post office will give you the lowest mailing rates.

The reality is, if you are not specifically targeting the audience you want to market to, you are wasting time and money.  The team at Mellady Direct has more than 35 years of experience in the printing, mailing, and marketing industry.  Let our experience benefit you and help you get the most return on your mailings.  Call us today at 661-298-9190 or visit us at