You’ve designed great marketing pieces for your business, and all that remains is to print and mail them.

However, before you take that next step, are you sure your design is properly formatted for mailing? While a piece may be beautifully designed, overlooking little details can make a big difference. Did you know that changing the dimensions of your mail piece can drastically affect what you spend on postage? For example, adjusting the size of a self-mailer piece by just a small fraction of an inch could mean the difference between spending 29 cents per piece or 54 cents per piece on postage. If your mailing quantity is in the thousands, those savings can really add up.

Mellady Direct can help with printing savings. With decades of experience in printing and mailing, we can help you ensure those designs that look wonderful on the screen look just as good when the printed piece is in the hands of your potential client.

Contact Mellady Direct Marketing today and find out how you can save money on your next printing and mailing job.