So it’s time for your next mailing campaign, and you’re trying to save money wherever you can. You hire a designer to create your piece, and then find a big online printing company to print your postcards. You don’t have a mailing list, so you need to find a company that provides lists to reach your target audience. Oh, and you also need someone to handle the actual mailing. When all is said and done, how much time and money have you spent making sure all of this gets done? Could you have saved money by finding one vendor to handle everything?

Over the course of 30 years, Mellady Direct has found time and again that our clients save themselves money and headaches by trusting us to handle every aspect of their mailing campaigns.

Streamlined Service: The advantage of choosing a full-service firm means you spend less time juggling vendors, and can instead focus on what’s most important to you: running your business. Are you really saving time and money when you go one place for graphic design, another for printing, another for your mailing list, and even one more to handle the actual mailing?

By providing all of those services under one roof, we’re able to minimize the amount of time a client needs to spend coordinating the project, and keep their costs down, even for projects that require a very quick turnaround. Additionally, providing all those services leads to…