Despite the phenomenal growth of digital marketing, direct mail still plays a key role for brand advertising. In fact, some of the most impactful advertising takes place through direct mail.

But a lot depends on the direct marketing copy. Great direct mail copy has the ability to take your brand to the next level. Having said that, poorly conceived direct mail copy can break your brand.

Here are some tips for you to create direct mail copy that sells:

Easy to read

Make sure the copy is easy and simple to understand. Keep in mind, people are likely to glance through your copy. Strive to grab their attention by keeping the sentences short, concise and clear. Avoid technical jargon at all cost. Instead, add something engaging and thought-provoking to attract more readers. Stick to shorter sentences and paragraphs, alongside bullet points and subheads.


Bring your copy to life with images. Use color and powerful images and pictures to draw customers’ attention. Instead of stuffing your copy with several images, opt for one that has the most impact. Having too many smaller images gives a cluttered look. Most importantly, always use high-resolution images.


Make your direct mail copy stand out by narrating a story. Incorporate dialogue that resonates with your potential customers. A realistic story has the ability to connect with people on an emotional level. Case in point: a “rags to riches” story that people love reading about.


Do not assume that your audience knows everything. A person will invest their money in your product or service only if they know about it. Give relevant, useful information about your product. Explain why it is beneficial to your target audience. But do not go overboard by selling excessively long information that would make people lose interest.

Guess Work

Keep your audience guessing to keep them interested in your product or service. Be intriguing and creative to capture and retain your target audience’s attention. For instance, you can offer them something (without revealing the item) for performing a certain task.


If you are offering a discount, state the amount in dollars rather than a percentage, except in the case of a 50% discount. Many people find it difficult to calculate percentages.

Call To Action

Always state a call to action to clearly indicate what you want the customer to do. Is there a website you want them to visit? Or do you want them to call? Create a sense of urgency by using terms such as “call now.”

Understanding these simple strategies can help you develop compelling direct mail copy to attract customers and obtain successful marketing results. If you need assistance, contact the direct mail marketing company, Mellady Direct. Specializing in nonprofit direct mail, dental direct mail and church direct mail, the company can accommodate any direct mail marketing effort.