With 30 years of experience in direct marketing, we’ve certainly seen plenty of changes to marketing methods, particularly with how the internet has revolutionized marketing.

However, after all this time we can confidently say that traditional printed direct marketing provides some of the best returns on investment for businesses trying to reach their target audience. Time and again, we’ve seen the combination of a well-designed piece and a strong mailing list produce great results for clients.

There are two key ways in which print marketing stands out from digital ads:


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While the internet is defined by information overload 24/7 with everything competing for your attention, a well-designed printed direct marketing piece has a specific focus and is designed to engage you more than digital ads. And because printed marketing pieces are free of the information overload of a webpage, recipients are likely to have a better emotional response and linger longer on your marketing. The key is to have a great design that stands out in a stack of mail, clear content that speaks to the recipient, and a strong call to action.


You stand a better chance of having your audience retain information from a print piece instead of digital, and research backs this up. A recent study compared direct marketing mail pieces with email and display advertising and evaluated ease of understanding, persuasiveness, and how long subjects looked at the content. According to TrueImpact’s report, direct mail required less cognitive effort to process but had a drastically higher level of recall. Not to mention, marketing studies continue to find consumers from Baby Boomers to Millennials actually have a preference for printed material over digital ads.

Don’t Forget the Details

While printed direct mail might have a clear advantage, if you don’t pay attention to the details you can wind up spinning your wheels with your marketing.

Consider this a brief crash course in the essential details to include in your direct marketing:

Reach Your Audience

By working with an experienced mailing professional, you can develop a quality, up-to-date mailing list that reaches your ideal target audience.

Don’t Overspend

Small changes can equal big savings when it comes to mailing. Adjusting the size of a postcard by fractions of an inch, for example, can shave several cents per piece off postage. If you’re sending thousands of pieces, those savings add up quickly. With decades of printing and mailing experience, we can help you stretch your direct marketing dollars.

Stand Out

Design and text will make or break your mail piece. Go for a clean design that reflects your branding, clear messaging, and a strong call to action.

Be Integrated

Expand the reach of your direct mail by incorporating digital elements, such as directing recipients to a unique landing page on your website.

Ready for Direct Marketing Success?

We believe in direct mail marketing because our clients continue to see its success. If you’re wondering what the next steps are for marketing your business, maybe it’s time to give direct mail a shot.

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