Every church needs a solid marketing plan to bring in more worshippers and grow. However, effective promotion or marketing of a church requires careful planning, coupled with results-oriented techniques.

Some of the most commonly used marketing tools available to churches today include mailing lists, websites, a sign in from of the church, and word-of-mouth marketing. Regardless of which tool you use, here are some of simple techniques that you can adopt to maximize your church’s promotion efforts, and develop meaningful relationships with worshippers:

A solid purpose

It is common phenomenons that people mostly attend church sessions in order to be “saved.” Some may visit the church because they want God to listen to their needs, while others want to receive His blessings.

No matter what their personal needs are, a successful church marketing message will deliver exactly that. From better finances to relationships or more, the church advertisement should convey a sense of purpose for people to respond.

A compelling headline

Similar to brand marketing, use a compelling headline for church promotion to generate interest from the audience. For this very reason, make sure the headline says something about the church service. The main goal of the headline should be to draw people in by letting them know that the church offers something valuable to them.

Interesting artwork

Graphics, coupled with content, play a major role in church advertisements. While there is no denying that the written content of an advertisement is what people will be scanning through to get information, an attractive church logo can help make a better first impression.


Perhaps the most effective way to add credibility to a church advertisement is by incorporating real-life testimonials. Adding a testimonial from someone who regularly attends the church – who can perhaps speak to how their life has changed for the better – may draw more people in.

A testimonial does not necessarily have to contain long paragraphs highlighting a person’s entire life story. In fact, it is advisable to be specific and focus on one successful aspect of their life.

Call to action

Never forget to end a church advertisement with a call to action, perhaps containing an invitation from a church pastor. Having the pastor invite people to the church provides for a stronger case and can lead to optimal results.

All types of organizations need a marketing plan for growth. And while the marketing strategies mentioned above can promote favorable results for your church, it is beneficial to seek the help of an expert for church advertising.

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